Miya Ando. Artist profile. David Lynch studio visit with Miya Ando.

Permanent Large Scale Public Art Commission installed today at Montefiore Hospital, Bronx NY. “Ascension Leaves”, Dyed Bodhi (Ficus Religiosa) Skeleton Leaves, monofilament. 180″ x 108″, Miya Ando 2015
“Sora Versailles”, 133 x103 ft, printed mesh VERSAILLES HOTEL 3425 COLLINS AVENUE, MIAMI BEACH. Commissioned by FAENA ART 2018 This large-scale installation examines perception, as the historic Versailles Building is transformed into the sky itself, becoming void-like or transparent. The installation investigates one’s relationship to time as sunset and sunrise are depicted on the four sides of the building. The Japanese kanji 空 is pronounced “Sora” and means sky or heaven. This word also has another reading, pronounced “kū” and means “emptiness or void”. Void is one of the five elements (earth, water, fire, wind, void). “Sora Versailles” installation is inspired by the idea of both sky and emptiness. In Buddhism as well as in Quantum Physics, the fundamental nature of reality is that all constituent forms that make up the universe are temporary, a concept termed ‘Sunyata.’ Artist Miya Ando pays homage to the building’s original architect Roy France’s design philosophy of “let in the air and sun” as she wraps one of Miami’s most iconic buildings in clouds. “Wrapping the historic Versailles Building with cloud imagery is an investigation into the idea that the fundamental nature of reality is that all constituent forms that create the universe are temporary, an underlying principle of both Buddhism as well as quantum physics.”- Miya Ando Video: Kerry McLaney

In the studio with Italian painter Tommaso Ottieri.